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PL Hair Removal Device: XM-T001

PL Hair Removal Device: XM-T001

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The product working principle: 

The light source of this product is xenon 12 lamp, use filter to remove light with shorter wavelength, retain the spectrum in the wavelength range of 510nm-1200nm. The principle of pulse generation is that the trigger applies high voltage to xenon to trigger xenon ionization. 

After charging the energy storage capacitor for a relatively long time, discharge in a very short time, Cause the avalanche ionization of xenon in the lamp, the Xenon converts and releases the charged energy in the form of high intensity light radiation. This discharge process is the light pulse. 

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  • Long-lasting Hair Reduction in 4 weeks
  • Safe & Easy to Use
  • Free Shipping


Usage steps:

1. Use a razor to shave the hair that needs to be removed.

2. Plug the TYPEC head of the adapter into the power outlet of the product, and the plug of the adapter into the power outlet.

3. When the power supply is plugged in, the power indicator lights up.

4. Power on: Long press the “power on and off button” for 3 seconds to turn on, the product gear display light and refrigeration display light are on.

5. Turn on cooling: Turn on refrigeration when you turn it on, and after 30 seconds of standby, the refrigeration function will automatically turn off. In the state of automatic refrigeration, the refrigeration can be automatically turned on when the touch therapy surface sensing is active.

6. Turn off cooling: Turn off refrigeration by pressing the “power on d off” button twice in quick succession (if needed).

7. Gear adjustment: In the power-on state, 1 gear is automatically displayed, and then each time you press the “switch button” to add one gear, until it is added to the highest gear 5, each time you press the “switch button” to reduce one gear until it is reduced to 1 gear. Gear adjustment sequence: 1-2-3-4-5-4-3-2-1.

8. Wear goggles.

9. Hair removal: A. Manual lighting and hair removal: Stick the light outlet vertically to the skin to be cared for, the “sensor display light” is on, and press the “light button” to start the hair removal operation. Press the “light button” once to light and remove hair, and press several times to lighten several times. B. Automatic lighting and hair removal: long press the “lighting button” for 3 seconds, enter the automatic lighting mode, touch effective (sensor display light on), unlimited number of lighting lights, regardless of whether the cooling mode is turned on can be lighted.

10. After hair removal is completed, long press the “power on and off” button for 3s to turn off, and after the fan stops running, unplug the adapter. Do not unplug the power plug without shutting down the machine to avoid damage to the product.


Yes! It removes hair but it should be noted that by using pigmentation to reach the hair follicle it always works best on dark and coarse hair. It may reduce the level of effectiveness on certain skin tones and hair color as it requires contrast for maximum effectiveness.


  • Eliminates hair and delays its appearance.
  • Works on the face and anywhere on the body.
  • Immediate results.
  • Pain free.
  • Does not irritate the skin or leave redness like other hair removal systems.
  • Smooth, soft and smooth skin.
  • Easy to use and transport.

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